My ex still likes me!

well I just broke up with my ex 5 weeks ago and my ex still likes me! and I don't and there's these guy name Cristian that I think I have crush on even tho I met hem like last week! and then he's my best friend ex! which by the way I didn't know that when I met hem! and I don't know if he likes me! he sits close to me and talks to me and tries to make me laugh a lot! he will talk to me and walk me home even tho he has things to do that I think are very important! and yesterday we when to the movies as friends we when to see these scary movie and well I didn't mean to but I kinda hold he's hand! and he was totally cool with it and well I'm like so confuse about these so please help me! :)


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  • The guy is letting you know he's attracted to you.


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