Should I break up with him?

My boyfriend and his ex girlfriend have been talking.. She had a kid and she was going through post partum and she was talking to him and he said he was helping her out like givign her advice to go see a doctor. She was regretting about how they broke up and she wanted to be with him.. he was in love with her too by the way. He told her no to make it work with her new family and he's with me... she asked him did he love me and he said "no and sometimes i don't want to be with her due to that, but he believes his love will grow for me (basically it'll build)" I'm in love with my boyfriend we will make 2 years in June and that truly hurt my feelings.. Should I break up with him?


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  • If there's signs he's getting attached to her and not you tell him to find you when he's done fixing up his ex.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well, he just said he doesn't love you so...


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