I never think of my ex, its been 9yrs he used to abuse me physcially, for the last few months I dream when he is beating me, Why do I have nightmares?

My current boyfriend know about the abuse should i tell him about the dreams? won't he think that am emotionally unstable?


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  • Are you finding yourself falling for this current bf? Could be your subconscious worrying about getting intimate with someone again.

  • if you can't find a way to supress them via
    -Working out
    -Listening to music
    -Audio books
    -Studying etc
    -you may just have to cry it out
    (dont drink) that just makes it worse
    -If your still shaking, sweating, flinching, not able to think straight, numb, etc then can talk to him.
    -I try not to dump all my problems on mine but were at a hard spot in the relationship so try those first. You dont want to put down the atmosphere too much. Everyones emotionally unstable to an extent i dont think labels are necessary.. and if he labels you unstable etc, ignore it. Otherwise you'll just have to choke back some hurt everytime it comes up and wonder if he excepts it or not. Basically except the fact your fcked up and hope he can look past it. I've found nothing to help it, you won't forget about it, but learn to supress it. Itll come back for periods of time no matter how good life is you can't permenantly get rid of it. And Thats really the sad truth of it. If it gets really bad, emotionally detatch yourself for awhile. It can make you pretty mad and you won't even realize it. Pay attention to what you eat. you'll feel sick to your stomach for as long as it lasts but force yourself to eat or drink something st least. Eggs and chopped tomatos normally do best for me.
    The dreams will always drain you mentally and physically, its a sad thing but dont let it ruin you. Its temporary but the cycle won't stop so learn to deal with it and avoid wearing those around you down with you.


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