Does she still cares about me?

Hi guys, I have a lot of topics about my last relationship, but'd say that it'was the hardest one I've got ever in my life.

My girlfriend broke up with me 3 months ago, but I'm still thinking about, her every single day, miss her, still love her and remind to myself for the shared time we've got together.
I tried to contact her couple times, she said that she continued and that she overcome me.
We we're being together for more than 4 years.

Couple days ago I typed to her again, saying to her that I want only to talk a little bit.
So she responded to me :
1." I don't want to talk and see with you, I'm not hurted, there's nothing to clear out with you.
Please go growth and leave me alone, to live my 'new' life, I already have somebody next to me (cred : this is lie, couple friends told me about it ).
2. The only problem I have is you (me)
3. Stopp reaching me out, you don't understand & overdo, the problem is that you didn't continued
4. I do not fuss about anything but I really overdo.

Also said those things to one of our mutual friends :
"I'm feeling bad about that boy (me).. but there is nothing to do, he didn't overcome me yet, but we're unable to be together" something like this.
Is it possible she to love me or have any feelings still? or she just doesn't care about me...
I really want her back, and almost done everything, without sucess for now.


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  • I'm sorry you seem like a genuinely good guy, but she has made it clear that she doesn't want to be in a relationship with you anymore. You have done all you could and if she wanted you back she would have taken you back in a heartbeat after all your fighting for her. You have been together for a long time, so of course you can't just forget about her. It will probably take time but you will move on eventually. Take a break and when you are ready again you will meet new people. Someday you will have another relationship and when you think back you'll be happy you broke up, because you'll realize you weren't meant for each other.

    • Thanks for the your reply, I won't say I'll be happy or something, but at least I'll know only, that
      once she left me, she will be the one who will suffer in future, if she doesn't find the man meeting her own and her friends expectations.. Love is not measured by the money, muscules and appereance people have, but she now thinks once her family and friends told her this, she is supposed to do it, no matter the price of it.
      Perhaps you're right weren't meant for each other, but who knows life is unpredictable.

    • It will definitely be her loss and i totally agree with you. All those things doesn't matter when it comes to love and if she can't see that she is the one who is poor. I believe you'll be happy and wish you the best of luck

    • Thanks for the support!

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  • Sounds like she still has feelings but it doesn't matter now, you guys broke up. Stay the fuck away. Every step you take towards her from now on, is a MISTAKE. She made it quite clear she doesn't want you anymore. Try to move on, 3 months is not much time, give 3 more months you'll get over her. You can't forget 4 years in 3 months.

    • You never can forget your ex, you just get used to be without her, but the main problem in our relationship was, her sister since she was talking negatively against me all the time and it was matter of time she to leave me.
      Because her sister come to me and told me, please don't be angry to me but I told my sister to leave you, forgive me about that, I didn't say anything to her after this response.

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  • She made it very clear she's not interested and you need to stop contacting her. If she wants you back SHE will contact you. Not you. That's the wrong way around.

    The one who dumps, comes back to you.

    • I trought just, if you love somebody you will fight for him, in order to be with you not just keep away and wait.

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    • Nobody said you stop loving someone after one day. It's a process. It takes time, and lots of it.

    • She said she feelis my like nothing, so perhaps she forgot everything she've got with me.

  • DarkMan.
    Yes, you shouldn't wait for action, but it sounds like this. Here's my interpretation:
    She cares at least, a little bit about you, hence where she says "I feel bad for that boy," but she thinks your efforts of reaching out to her as clingy, and desparate, hence "please leave me alone..."

    I think you need to just stop talking to her for about 30 days. Because you are pushing her away with every attempt so far. So what you need to do is stop, and improve on yourself. Maybe meditate. But basically get over her without actually getting over her, maybe try to date again. This will help. If you have more questions, please either PM me or reply.
    Good luck.

    • I see... Well it's hard to know what kind of feelings she is having, since she break up with me because of her decision I think, but her sister and her friends motivated her to leave me, so she may find the better boy and things like that.
      One day she might realize that It was the best decision, she've made.
      Also on 12th of April, we will celebrate together diploma certification in the university, since we've been studying together from the same specialty, so eventually I will see her.
      The problem is that she will be with whole her family, including her sister and I'm currently divided to go there or not...

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