My boyfriend of two and a half years tried to break up with me over text?

he said he couldnt do it in person. he also waited a month to tell me he had cheated on me because he said he didn't want to break my heart. and he said he has a hard time telling me he doesn't want to hang out. what does this say about him? why does he have a hard time being honest with me?


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  • I've had that same problem, trying to explain my reasoning to the last guy I dated as to why i broke up with him, althought it wasn't much longer than 6 months. But, I didn't give him shitty excuses, i just told him how it was, and that was after noticing a major change for the worse in our relationship.

    Anyway, I don't think it's that he has a hard time being honest (if that were the case, he wouldn't have ever admitted that he cheated on you), but more like "i need more time to come up with a believable excuse".
    Not that he wanted to hurt you, i'm sure he didn't, he just wasn't too smart about how he came to his decision. Especially if he broke off such a long relationship through a text, that's not cool. He's a coward


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