4 months of no contact - need a guy's perspective - we dated for 2 years.

If you had any advice for me right now. (Besides move on), what would it be? It's been 4 months.

Your a guy. You broke up with a girl who you think your over, and broke up with because of an accumulation of things, but at one point really wanted to marry her. What would a girl do that might work to get you back, and into thinking that you still might want to be with her.

(I know you are most likely saying, most likely nothing). I'm desperate for answers. I still feel like sh*t even after 4 months. And I've heard, I'm not supposed to chase, the guys is., and then girls chose. I know he cares less at this point, and really has all the power in the decision obviously sense he chose to end it.

I know most of you will say move on, but if that is the answer you are going to say in response to my question. Please don't reply. I've heard it all before. I'm trying to move on, and it is extremely hard. I've never loved anyone more. I really would like this person back in my life. He made me a happier person, as I would like to think I did as well in his life.

The sad thing is, it is long distance, and I know my options are limited, and the chances of him coming back to me are very small. We have only spoke twice since the break up, on Oct 26. Once on that day, and once through via a phone call.

Let me hear your advice please.


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  • Can you write him a letter, tell him how you feel, and that you'd like to work on things? That you'd like one more opportunity to talk, that you wanted to know more about why he wanted to break up with you, and you'd like to see if maybe you (or both of you) can work on some of those problems?

    If he isn't willing to talk to you about it, I'm not sure that there is much more you can do.


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