How to break up with my boyfriend after only a month?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a month now after being good friends for half a year. His best friends are very good friends of mine as well.
Now after a month of being a couple I miss the time we were just friends and it feels like I'm kissing my best friend instead of a boyfriend, there is no spark although he is a perfect boyfriend.
But as harsh as it may sound I don't want to waste my time with a relationship I don't enjoy and it know won't last.
He is totally in love with me and wants to be together forever. I don't know how to breakup with him and how he could cope with it. I'm also afraid that my friends may see me as I just used him or played around with him (which is not true) please give me advice 😄


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  • Well, that's really sad that you feel this way, however I must say that you're right also, your happiness is also important. I guess you will have to tell him the truth, some day or the other and just be polite but straightforward when you do so.


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  • Are you dutch?
    That spark won't last forever in any relatioship.. you got to work on a relationship together to keep things interesting.
    Try to find the reason why you don't like or feel him anymore and talk about it with him.

  • Tell him exactly how you feel and that you miss when you guys were just friends. It's gonna hurt him either way but at least he'll still know you care about him and hopefully you guys can be friends again


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