A break that could be a break up. How do you handle it?

My boyfriend is going through an identity crisis right now. He is beginning to lose his motivation and been making bad choices. He confronted me though about the choices he mad and told me he didn't want to hurt me by him trying to figure everything out. I asked him if he wanted to break up. He told me, "I still love you and I want to be with you. I just need to figure out if I am becoming someone who I don't want to be. I don't want you to be hurt if I do become this person. I don't want to break up. I want to take a break for a couple days.

We have been dating for almost three years and were very happy couple together. He started going through this crisis after he got an injury from wrestling. He didn't tell me about it for months since we are in two different schools and this semester had less time to talk than in previous sememsters. He kept in a told me in person the night before I had to go back.

My questions are this;
If he does break up with me will it be ok to be friends? As of now he says we are friends but I need some opinions if this is a good idea.
If so how long should I wait before talking to him again?
Do you think there is a chance we can get back together soon or in the future?

I honestly would love to be with him again but I have to respect whatever choice he makes. I would be happy to be friends with him since he is such a great human being and I want to be there for him.


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  • I understand what he means and have been there before. Usually if you just give him time he'll come back. If it goes more then a 2 weeks its a problem. He probably does need a bit of time alone to really study himself.

    Who knows? He might be braceing himself to pop the question!

    And if worse comes to worst its fine to still be friends

    Hope I helped in someway

    • And as far as bad choice s he could just be nervous about something or makes a biger deal of them because he gets upset with himself for not being his best

    • He told me what the choices are but I didn't feel comfortable putting that part online. I know it me sayings makes it harder to get a full grasp what happened. The best way I could put it was very unlike him to did, but it wasn't cheating. I made sure to ask him that when he did tell me those things. He grabbed me in a tight hug and told me, "No I could never do that to you." I personally believe him.

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  • You are good friend and a good girlfriend. But be selfish this time because you gonna hurt. Break leads to break up. It is what it is.
    Let hım deal his problems on his own. You are not his mother.


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