Staying friends after breakup, but my birthday is in 5 days, should I invite him?

So I'm planning on breaking up with my boyfriend of 3 months after I figured out I just don't love him as a boyfriend but as a friend. I think he.. is going to be upset but I hope he will be fine.
My birthday is in 3 days and he is expected to come as well. Should I still invite him? My guy friends are friends of him and I'm afraid they won't come when he doesn't as well. And tbh I don't want everyone to ask where my (ex) boyfriend is on my birthday.
Or should I just wait for breaking up? But I don't want to put a show up on my bday.


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  • Break up now. Otherwise it will come off as you waiting to see what you could score frm your birthday before sending him off.

    After the breakup, tell him he is still welcomed to come


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  • Just break up with him, waiting will make it worse. You can invite him to your party but I wouldn't expect for him to come. He's going to need time away from you to heal.


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  • That would be a very awkward situation yeah I guess it's better to wait afer your b-day and then break up.


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