What should I do? Should I keep trying?

I need some advice. My ex and I have been separated for over a year. She still calls me everyday and we do a lot of things together with our 2 kids. We even had Easter dinner together. However when I try to talk about our relationship and trying to work things out. She doesn't say much. I once asked her to be honest with me and tell me if there was any chance we could be a family again. She responded maybe in the future but not anytime soon. Should I keep being there for her and show her that I'm committed to her and my family? Why does she still call me everyday? We are separated because is cheated. However since we separated I have dedicated myself to my family. Even did counseling to deal with my issues. Any advice?


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  • If there is a family involved, always keep trying but remember that she won't want you back until she sees you as an attractive partner. Everyone (almost everyone) knows that the classic Nice Guy behaviors of showing devotion and being constantly available don't lead to a woman wanting to jump your bones.

    Work on yourself (mentally and physically). Do things that make you happy and don't pass up opportunities to go out socially (or even on dates). The more she sees you changing and becoming more vital (like you were when you met her), the more she'll want you. If she doesn't want you, then you're totally prepared to get back out there and meet someone new.

    Good luck!


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  • My best guess is that you should keep trying. If there was no chance or it was just a show for the children, she would have told you so by now. The fact that she says there may be a chance in the future hints that there probably will be. Stay committed, don't pressurize, don't beg, just be the model husband.

    Good luck.

  • She cares and is comfortable

    • So should I keep trying and doing the things I've been doing?

  • She cheated you?

    • I was the one who cheated.

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