What should I do? I forgave her for cheating, I just feel so empty.

Me and my girlfriend have been together for awhile now, and recently she had told me she might be falling back in love with her ex. I took this in a told her it was OK and that I still loved her unconditionally. The subject was dropped. Well today she told me she was going out with her parents, and all. So I didn't talk to her much. She gets home and confesses this to me. She lied to me she went to her ex's house. They talked and began to have sex but she stopped him seconds into it, and made him take her home. She told me she regrets it, and seems genuinely sorry. She told me it meant nothing and she missed me the whole time. She really hurt me. I talked to her and asked her why she did it. Her response was, she had to know if she still cared about him. She came up with never loving him, only the feeling when she was with him. She says she loves me so much. I believe her, so I gave her another chance to show me she means it. . . I forgave her, I know she is sorry. I know she didn't mean it, I just hurt from the lies of today, I feel so betrayed. Is there anyway I can cope with this, I've talked to her all night, I've even been able to smile. I just feel so blah. Can anyone give me some advice on my situation?


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  • I would take things slow. I wouldn't break up with her.

    As a girl I can say that I have done something similar to your girl and it wasn't a case of being a Jezebel I just had to find my own answers.

    Just be careful and take things a little slower from here for a while to hopefully you gain some more trust for her as I'm sure this incident has left you wondering whether you can trust her again or not.

    If she doesn't seem loose in generally then I would believe her confession and apology are genuine. :)

    • I will take your advice, she is not worth losing. . I won't give up on her. . .Thank you

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  • As much as I want to say that she is legitimately sorry, which it seems like she is, and that you should give her another chance, that's not how the world works. You should never be able to cheat on someone and then have the other person forgive them and back into their arms. If it were me, I would have dumped her 20 times.


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  • She had to know if she still cared about him by having sex with him? I'm sure she stopped right away, wink wink. She'll probably cheat on you again, she knows she can feed some bull sh*t story to you and you'll forgive her.. If it were me I would dump her ass.

    • Well I mean it was more than sex, they spent time together today, and she felt really uncomfortable. When he started kissing on her and took her pants off and everything, she just couldnt. . SO she says. I just, I really am in love with this girl. She seems truly sorry and regretful of it.

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    • She may legitimately sorry, that doesn't mean she won't do it again and be sorry.

    • I understand what your saying, if she does. I've already told her I wouldn't forgive her. And I won't. **If and that's a big if, she does it again I won't be so stupid. . . But I think she deserves another chance. . .

  • Well If somebody cheats on you...I don't see how it can ever be the same. She broken your trust when she lied and nearly f***ing her ex. An c'mon man that excuse she gave you was weak.


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