Is it okay to leave your no future husband and be with a younger but matured man?

I am married for 2 1/2 years, through that years I discovered that my husband has no future plans for us even for his self. He had his work but the salary is too low that can't even sustain his family. He said that he has no plan to work in other town or change his work. Maybe because I have a better work than him and he knows i can sustain our family. That decision of him made me frustrated until I felt i falling out of love with him. During those days I felt in love with my office mate who always there for me, given me advises. Then we felt in love with each other. But the problem is he has his long distance relationship. He said that if only I am a single woman he will always date me in public and be proud to be his girlfriend. Right now I planning to file an annulment with my husband but I know it will take too much time. By the way my boyfriend is 9 years younger than me, he is 25 years old while I am 35, but he is already matured than my husband who is the same age with me. Right now my life is struggle, i really want to leave my husband and be with this guy. I know I'm on the right track. Is there easy way to get annul faster? Is he will leave his girlfriend for me?


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  • So basicly he isn't making enough money and you want to divorce him? Then you want to destroy this other guys relationship to be with you (a woman who clearly has the wrong priorities)? I'm with @reptocarl on this one.

    • Yes, because aside from making enough money I'm also made all the decision in the house. I shoulder all the expenses, even his father's insurance. His money is only for the milk of his son.

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    • Is it wrong to choose a guy with financial security over a man who always dependent on me?

    • Hey you want to be dependent on some one else, can't really call him out for doing what your doing can you? And as I said, try talking it usually solves the problem.

  • Sorry I'm not touching this fucked up situation

  • Do it be happy


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