How do men deal with every other weekend custody? Do they regret leaving?

Basic situation: he walked out suddenly for another woman. They have moved in together. I recovered and met someone better for me recently. In retrospect, we weren't compatible, we were emotionally distant toward the end, but pretty low conflict.

I'm quite happy in my new life, but a bit confused still as to his ability to do what he did. He knew when he left I would move near my family and he would have our daughter every other weekend. He agreed to it without any fight.

In divorce we are also low conflict.

I would love to know what would generally be going on in a man'should head with this. I can't imagine any scenario where I would be happier seeing my daughter 4 days a month than sticking out a low conflict marriage. Now he has her 4 days a month and pays child support.

It worked out well for me, I don't want to get him back, so I'm not looking for "get your ex back" advise, I just am fascinated by psychology and generally curious at how such a choice could make a man happy?


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  • I don't know.

    I know tons of men in the opposite - sitting in a lonely marriage with no love or sex because it's the only way they can be with their kids. But obviously lots of guys do leave (though women file for divorce twice as often as men do). I've read that when some part of scandinavia made 50/50 physical custody the norm, the rate women filed for divorce dropped down to the rate men file at.

    So clearly, it's a factor that keeps a lot of people in their marriage. But not all.


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