What should I do?

I have couple of question.. It's mostly for men, but also women with a close experience will help

So I dated the perfect guy. For about 7 month

He was kind, smart and generous

But he's a problematic guy.. Since a girl he has for 2 years when he was 17, he didn't have any relationship with girls. He used to go on dates and dump after 1 or 2 dates..

When we start going out I felt he's the kind of guys who is hard to make him say they love you. But finally it came. For me to.

He always said how special I am for him. The first girl in his adult life (his 27 now..)

He also said that I have everything he want for a girl. And for a wife.

Sudden he started being cold. I felt it. For about 3 weeks from the end..

I used to ask him what's going on and he told me everything is okay.

One day I just can't hold the cold what'sapp he's sending me and told him that I feel bad. That he told me that something has been stuck lately emotionaly in him.

I told him we should break up a little bit and think. So we have done it

After a week we meet each other and he told me he's very confused. That he don't want to stop the relationship but he know he got to decide whether we will get married or break up. And he don't want me to wait for him until he decide

A week after the meeting he text me a short and cold text That he realized its not it. And he knows he might regret it because Im a perfect women.

I didn't answer.

So he send another text 4 hours later- that he don't want it to end bad.

I didn't answer to it either

I decided I will answer him kind of long message that at the end


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  • If I were you Id carry om because I dont have time for games.


What Girls Said 1

  • Youve a long life ahead of you and plenty of time to give him. Give give as much time as he needs. Wait as long as neccessary. And 9 months later if it ends with a broken heart.. Then live to write about it. I love this man and thats what im doing. Giving him time, always going to be there with him, for him. Dont let him push you away when he probably needs you most. Just pick him up and hold him close. Love him.


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