It doesn't concern me, but my ex's sudden silence is worrying me?

We're not on good terms, so it's not like I could text him now and see how he is.

A few things have concerned me recently. He posted something on Facebook about 'not being ready for a little *insert surname here* yet 😡' that's him obviously referring to a baby.

As far as I can see, he's not even slept with anyone yet, so this doesn't look plausible.

Generally he's quite active on Facebook and posts a lot of things but recently it's been pure silence. Anytime I've been shopping (he works in my local superstore) he's not been there, and that's where I always see him.

So yeah, I do worry about him, he has a lot going on at times. For all he pretty much hates me, this silence is a concern.

Guys, why would you go silent like this?
  • I go silent when I've moved on.
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  • I'm silent when somethings bothering me.
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  • I go silent when there's something I want to hide.
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  • I go silent when I'm missing someone.
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  • I go silent because I'm feeling guilty.
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  • Other...
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Why does he hate you?

    • Cause I messed up? :(

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    • Oh, and did she show interest in any other guys when you two were apart? My ex keeps liking photos of all these attractive girls, especially ones who are wearing revealing clothing 😒 Pisses me off!

    • She became more going out with her guy friends and yes it's annoying.. to sum up it's all about what you want.. if you feel that he is the right one for you.. then fight and get your chance.. well there is a 50/50 chance.. if it worked then Cool all happy.. if not then you'll leave with no regrets that you didn't try.. so Go give it a try girl ;)

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What Guys Said 2

  • You're not a part of his life anymore. He may seem silent to you, but, he could be "active" around others.

    • I know that. But the fact is, silence just isn't the norm for him.

  • Why do you care?

    • Cause... I obviously still care? I don't get why the minute the word 'ex' is mentioned that you're NOT supposed to care anymore. Makes no sense.

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    • I won't point out the dangers of that notion. I do wish you well though; things may still right themselves yet as they often do.

    • Danger of what notion! And yeah, I hope they do right themselves. This has went on too long. And I've only made things worse.

What Girls Said 2

  • "Other"...
    He should sit down with you and use Open Lines of Convo to tell you what is going on down the Love Line.
    I See the Sure Signs of an unhappy partner who just may want to be his own free bird to fly the Nest and do his Best to Begin a new Beguine of Being... Single Stats on Facebook.
    Good luck. xx

  • When you miss them.

    • I had thought that too...

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