How can I end it for good?

OK, so basically I met this girl last summer, and we got along so well and stuff. so we exchanged numbers and became friends on Facebook, you know. but I didn't think of her in like a relationship way, she just was someone I got along with so well! and she actually turned out to live really far away, and that she was only visiting her family in the summer. and we've basically talked everyday since the summer. even though she isn't like here, I developed feelings for her, and she did for me too. so in January, we told each other how we felt, and the long distance thing is really torture, haha. and I've tried to break up with her, but it's really hard to since we never really had a chance to actually be together. but it's making me like a depressed person, and before I was a happy person all the time! lol. so basically, I'm asking 1) how can I end it for good, and 2) what should I do?


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  • If I were you I wouldn't "end it for good" this could end up a total mess. What ever you do don't use the pick up line " I'm not good enough for you and so I think you should move on" because she might take this as an insult... The best way to slow down is to talk to her about the situation and mention how you two should have a break. That you love her dearly and still want to talk all of the time but that the friendship is very important to you and you want to focus on schooling and maybe in the future that you two could become more again (not saying that you will but it's a good wa to put her down gently).


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  • If you want to end it, you should be true to yourself and to the girl. Because she deserves to know why, so don't lie, just tell her why you want to "break up". And if you're asking if you should break up, then the best way to know that is to listen to your heart. Yes, I know it sounds cheesy. But I can't decide that for you, because the heart wants what it wants.

  • Just tell her that the distance between you two is too much.

    And that you still have feeling for her [if you do], but it's too hard for you becuz you live so far away.


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