Need advice about my ex boyfriend who I miss?

I need advice about my ex boyfriend we fairly recently broke up after a huge argument I got upset about something, so then as a result I harassed him out of hurt and anger and affected his business so this catalyzed our break up, then he had texted me a couple weeks go and said he wanted to get back together if I would change my ways, he also said in his text that he has all the time in the world for me and our relationship, I got upset at him again I was having a really bad day, I looked up his Facebook and it says "not much time for relationships" and it says single, yeah we are broken up technically, so why would he tell me he has all the time in the world for our relationship and then say on Facebook "not much time for relationships?" I don't know what to do or what do think and I miss him. Please advise.


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  • I would trust what he told you, and not what he put on Facebook.

    I'm wondering if he made the Facebook comment for show. Is he the type of person who worries about what his friends think?

    If you miss him, definitely tell him. You're so lucky that he's not a stubborn jerk, and that he wants to work things out. Hopefully he understands why you were hurt and why you reacted the way you did.

    I was in a situation where I also had EVERY right to be mad, and I did things out of hurt and anger. Instead of wanting to work things out, my fiancee of 5 years dismissed me as "crazy" and immediately got himself a rebound.

    So, I think you're really lucky, and I hope things work out for you. :)


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  • I agree with StarGirl80, the Facebook thing is probably for show.

    Get together, take things slow at first, and promise each other that you will be honest and discuss problems before they get out of hand, especially you! Don't try to be a "perfect girl." Frequent and honest communication is key to making it work.


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  • just forget him. you hurt his feelings and he probably wants you to leave him alone.


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