How do I get my ex to chase me again?

I've been on and off with this guy for a while.
he gets very mentally sick and breaks it off with me from time to time.
when things are good we are really good.
Always laughing and showing each other incredible love.
We broke up again a couple of weeks ago and he told me we had to cut off communication.
But I kind of kept texting him, he would have big conversations with me then he will say it's too hard and he needs to move on
then he'll meet up with me and we have these massive conversations where he stays for hours and we laugh lots.
Recently he told me again I needed to respect he wanted time to move on and that we couldn't see each other because of sexual tension but we could talk on the phone sometimes and catch up after a month or so.
after that I text him saying I was sorry it had seemed that I wasn't respecting him and that I hoped he had a good day at work then I blocked his number and plan to not contact him for a month while working on myself and continuing my diet which I've already lost weight from!
will he try to contact me do you think and will he be mad I blocked his number?
Will he maybe freak out?
He hasn't got really any game and hadn't been with anyone for a good 3-4 years before me and I had to initiate it all.
He said while we were together he never had to chase me and he wanted to!
so how do I get him to chase me or do you think he's actually over me he said he's going on a date but I almost think it's a lie?
Please help!
Also sorry if my question is in the wrong place or too long! I'm new here 😂


Most Helpful Girl

  • he wants to chase you so let him chase you. pull back a little, when he said he was going on a date, he already expected that you would text him about it or feel uncomfortable. sooo give him the opposite, "that's good, enjoy yourself " and keep talking to him normally (it may be hard but try ) lastly on one random day start asking him about this guy (imaginary or just pick some random person) and start describing him like "he was sooo fine, big slightly hairy chest, deep voice omg". then be like "your a guy what compliments would you like a girl to give you help me please! your the only guy i know". and I can guarantee if he likes you he will be jealous, in fact any guy would be jealous if his ex starts asking him about other guys... its a pride thing so yea try that. p. s. I am not a good person and love to manipulate... so just putting that out there... good luck ✌✌✌✌✌✌


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What Guys Said 2

  • Be firm stand your ground on what you want first is no or low contact. Never be needy , clingy of desperate let him intimate coversation be firm and inform him to ONLY contact if he wants you back otherwise you wish him well on his future :)

  • Just offer him sex

    • I don't think that's an option, he is so against sex for the sake of it. Especially with me he thinks if we have sex he'll regret everything so he's way too on guard about it to even try!

    • Wow he sounds fun

    • Haha he does it out of respect for me a lot, I wasn't treated very nicely by past guys who used me for sex a lot and when I told him that he never pushed for sex and makes sure sex isn't something he's coming back for :)

What Girls Said 4

  • Why would you want to? Jesus Christ. Leave that in the past.

    • Because I have so much love for him, we're best friends and I know he can get really unwell and I knew that before we dated!
      He's so worth it to me and the way we make each other feel is incredible :) but thank you :)

    • No. Don't go back. Never. The memory of a relationship is always sweeter than the reality. In addition, going back to a relationship is never as good as it was the first time.

  • Im so lost. Just go after him. i am.

  • why would you do that to yourself? no no no no

  • Pretty much just don't bother to do anything. Just don't talk to him. See him. Start moving on. If he really wants you and is in a place to be in a relationship he will Come back. If not Then just focus on you. All this back and forth is not healthy. If it doesn't work again you will feel much worse.


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