I'm dying inside. How can I get over losing the love of my life,?

He's the one who lost me actually, I loved someone who were a coward and not a real man I loved someone who were soft and caring lovely funny amazing at the same time! I loved someone who couldn't fight for me that's it.
I don't know what was our problem is it him or his family? The story is that his family forced him to marry his cousin that's their culture and they've to do it for their families. He lied to me actually he said they're just engaged and that he didn't sign on the paper ( if he sign they'll be wife and husband) and he said he didn't! I find out while I'm searching for his name on Facebook I saw the pics with her and his sign!! I was shocked I didn't know about anything I was shocked for weeks and he kept saying that he doesn't want it he doesn't want it. I forgave him, yeah it was my first fault he were my fault. I'm sorry for her so sorry that she'll marry him he were so rude with her with both of us she kept asking him to kiss his feet to come back to her but he kept saying fuck her and so many mean words, yeah I was jealous and dying but I couldn't see her sad I asked him to be kind with her and tell her the truth without being mean! But he were totally liar. Before 2 weeks I broke up with him cz he were always complaining about our relationship every week or every day he had to say a goodbye letters to me or hurt me by his usual words then he come back again with those lovely words he were mysterious I didn't know what does he want I kept supporting him encourage him to stop giving up about us to talk with his family, I left him for 2 days before one month he got me back again and he told me he'll fight for me and that he doesn't care about anyone anymore and he'll do his best to win his love I believed him cz it was the first time I see him like that he were always a coward but that time he weren't I saw that in his eyes we were sitting on the beach he told me he did everything for his family to make othes happy. Willcountinue
So.. I went to Spain on my vacation we met before I go we were so happy and he told me his dad will come and he'll talk with him to end his engagement officially, while I was there in Spain I texted him he didn't answer me for days he said he lost his job and they gave him exit visa to his country I was shocked I couldn't do anything while I was there just texting him with no answer from him he told me he'll go to drink and he's worthless I kept supporting him and be with him in every moment..
when I came back I went to his apartment I asked the security if he's really faired he said no he's here and everything is okay!! I waited for him before he went to his work to see him if he's really here I saw him!!! He lied he saw me he were shocked too I asked him before one day if he's really here and begging him to tell me the truth he said he's not here and I'm dreaming and crazy, I saw him and ran away he didn't even explain or follow me!! He texted me and say that's better for me and..


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  • This must have been so hard both for you and for him :/
    My advice: Let it go. Easier said than done, but listen. If you feel like crying, cry. If you want to talk, talk. Stare at pictures for hours and feel like shit. It's the process of grief. Don't feel guilty.
    He has a problem with standing up for himself. You can't fix him, and you can't stay around getting hurt again and again just because you hope he will change. He might change in 10 years, maybe never.
    Focus on yourself. Get ready to face that maybe it won't work. Maybe you will find someone else who won't hurt you so bad.
    I feel your pain :/

  • only time will heal this situation go no contact


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