How to get over someone that seems to have already moved on?

So I finished with my partner of 5 year we have a 1 year old and met very young as I'm only 20. We've been finished 8 weeks and he now is in a relationship with the girl he told me not to worry about. He's best friends ex. I thought I was over him but now am scared incase I see him I'm paranoid when I'm out incase I bump into them together as I don't think I can face them. I can't stop thinking about it and get a sick feeling and lump in my throat when I do. He was a cheat, he was absusive but I just can't face the fact I'm left broken and he seems happy. When he comes for our baby he still tries to kiss me and gives me mixed signals. Although I push him away I really need help to Stay strong. I have tried to date other people but it doesn't feel right and I push them away. Can anyone give me advice?


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  • Yes dear.
    Here at your service.
    You never can get over anyone if you just keep thinking about that.
    It's said by older people that, the bigger you get the problems become big too.
    Here is the key, don't let your fear get bigger or influence you.
    I know, all have power to over come the fear. Just let yourself get some positive distraction at this moment.

    • I do try but if the room is silent for a split second a hundred thoughts about it crush into my head and make me feel sick. I've been through a long relationship and breakup before and did it but this time it feels different. Thank you x

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    • Thank you I will try x

    • Happy to help you ma'am.
      Keep smile on your lips, don't let your eyes know pain of your heart

  • Ino the pain you are currently experiencing I am also 21 my ex girlfriend of 4 years left due to being in experienced as I was her first love she now has a rebound relationship the best thing is no contact and only through time will you develop the ability to live 100% without him. You will always have flash backs of great times you shared but. Realise the sooner you get over him you can share your live with somebody else who you will also grow to love. but if you want to get back toegether go low contact make arrangements for him to see your child prior and act as if he's a buisness acquaintance. If he realises he wants you back I am certain he will come back. They always come back but when you moved on.


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