How to get over your ex?

I slept with my ex on Wednesday. He says he wants space, I've not heard from him since. I'm missing him terribly and want to contact him. I think it's time I really get over him and forget rather than holding on to something that's not there for him. He says he wants me in his life and that he will never have anything like we have with another woman but surely he wouldn't need the space? I love him so very much but am getting more and more hurt as time goes on.


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  • Sleeping with your ex is the worst thing you can do. Take this from someone that knows. Yes you might still love him, but if you guys broke up and he doesn't seem like he wants to get you back that's because he doesn't. You'll end up hurting yourself more if you continue waiting for him. My advice is start living your life and try to see other people and hang out with friends. And eventually time will heal everything.

    • I broke up with him and now he's scared of it escalating.. I shouldn't have ended it and I regret it massively. Why is he scared of ot escalating but will sleep with me? I do believe he loves me but doesn't want to admit it. Doesn't make sense!

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    • You've confirmed what I was dreading, the truth is hard to face at times 😩

    • It is indeed, but you're young and have a bright future ahead of you. Don't let one guy stop you. Grieve and cry if you must and then move on.

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