Have you ever had an ex apologise years later?

One of my old boyfriends did and though I was over it he didn't forgot what he done to me, the fact he saw me and felt he needed to say sorry made me feel a little good about myself.

It's like can close that chapter on this person and we have matured and moved on to become different people.

has it happened to anyone else? how you see people you date grow into mature grown ups?


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  • Not really! My first ex cheated on me and I broke up with her. Years later, she did try to get my attention, although she didn't specifically apologise. I ignored her completely.

    • I have another ex like that his half hearted sorries Come then he calls me names again- the ones who are genuinely sorry will admit what they've done wrong, I think it happens when it happens to them repeatable it makes them think and remember where it went wrong... that be the ones that most likely will be remorseful...

    • Yeah, agree with you on this one.

  • Well to say sorry doesn't actually mean your generally sorry he sounds just as selfish as before and he's more bothered about himself feeling guilty

  • No I can't say that's happened to me. If I never saw any of my exes again it'd be too soon.

    • You more and likely will... how and when you won't know but you will.. and when you do the *what the hell was I thinking going out with her* will probably Pop up in your head, though it won't be nice to think that way it helps heal any bad blood...

    • Oh no. I've not seen her in a long time. I mean a LONG time. Close to 14 years. I am way past the thought of her at all. It took me a couple years to fully get over her but once I did, things have been great. I hope I never see her again. The woman I am with now it's been almost 10 years with her and it's been the 10 best craziest years

    • But let's say I did run into her and she tried apologizing... I would just walk away. We have no need to conversate at all 😊

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