Would you still keep in contact with your ex despite an awful break up?

If so why? what's the point if that person dumped you and made you feel miserable afterwards? in my case I fell into a deep depression thanks to my ex.

  • yes, as a friend.
  • no the bridge has been burned.
  • indifferent
  • it varies on the person.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Really varies on the person. My first boyfriend and I didn't end very well but now he's literally my best friend. Although w broke up and took 2 years from ever talking again. My most recent ex, I would never talk to him again.

    • my first girlfriend and I go way back but we chose different paths in life. She got back in contact with me months ago and I have mixed feelings about her now. On the one hand, I still feel bitter after what she did to me and occasionally look back at her actions with a cold heart, yet on the other hand, I sometimes miss her and remember the good times we shared together. I'm really mixed on this.

      She said it's all water under the bridge. I have forgiven her, but I feel like she hasn't realized how much she hurt me. :/

    • Honestly, although you may have forgiven her, there is still a sort of animosity & sometimes thats not good. If the idea is to move on past everything, then that means you must be content with it too and it sounds like you aren't and she is just watering it under the bridge like you said.

What Girls Said 1

  • Only if he contacted me and he had clean intentions.


What Guys Said 1

  • No, she can go and die for all I care.