Why did my ex girlfriend call me?

My ex broke up with me after 1.5 years of dating. But she started calling me after 4 months and sent me a msg -"we'll be together in the next birth for sure", I didn't answer her calls or reply to her msg. She kept calling for 3 days and then sent me a msg - "You've really become strong". I got angry and I called her sister and told her about it. I picked her call wen she called again and told her that I don't wanna talk to her or know anything about her. She kept calling for another half an hour (some 14-15 missed calls) and then she stopped calling (maybe her sis got her a** whooped). She was a total psycho

and she was very manipulative and dominating. No one liked her, not even her roommates and classmates.

I still like her though, I just wanna know whether she called me to get back with me.


Why did my ex girlfriend call me?
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