Ex's mom left my things on the ground and he's been laughing at work. How do you deal with a jerk ex bf?

So dated this dutch guy, he and I were close. Out of the blue, he dumped me by text. we had sex and he just insulted how I look. Told me he was worth more because he was taller and bigger. shoved me off his couch one day.

Currently, I lost weight and I have a boyfriend. But every time I see my ex boyfriend, I feel quite angry and insulted. I don't want to see his ugly face at work. it is unfortunate we work together.
how do you deal with someone that's this messed up? and he treated me badly? insulted my family. and still continues to work with me at this job?
I don't feel that I have to quit this job because of him but neither do I want to see his ugly face every day. he just looks at the ground. I have to see a trauma counsellor because of how I was treated in this situation.
yet he still walks around at work acting odd, looking at the ground while I'm messed up emotionally, trying to move forward, and trying to be as strong as I can.
how do you cope?


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  • Unfortunately, there isn't much that you can do. He isn't going to leave the job, and neither are you. I went ahead and made a small list of things that may help:
    1) Always remember, you're special to someone, somewhere. Despite how the last guy made you feel, you are wanted.
    2) You have a boyfriend now. Focus on him, not your ex. The reason you are thinking about your ex is because he hurt you. Don't give him the satisfaction of knowing that you're still hurt. Smile more, laugh, joke, etc.
    3) Keep talking to the trauma counselor. Tell him or her everything you posted here. They specialize in situations like this.
    4) Keep close to your support network - your friends, family, current boyfriend.
    5) Don't let the past (your ex) push away your current boyfriend. This happened to my ex and I. She would always compare me to her exs, tell me she was worried that I would end up like them, etc. We broke up for other reasons, but that was something that stuck in the back of my mind.

    • I haven't even talked about my douche ex in front of my current boyfriend. my current boyfriend is so much more better than my ex. I really lowered my bar with the last one and I told it to his face he didn't deserve me. He can stay at this job, I won't make it easy for him. There is a huge conflict and lack of respect from him. probably because of the type of mother that raised him, they really like to degrade others and feel they're better.

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  • Try something to get him fired I would he fucked with you now you guck with him but in this case it'll be better for you

    • I'm fucking my new boyfriend and my ex looks pathetic at work. yeah he went in crying trying to act like the victim and I just told him to f off. and threw his gifts in the garbage
      I don't want to quit my job but I haven't sought out to get him fired. but he isn't doing his job either so he'll probably get fired because of himself, not me.

    • Well just help him get fired you know