Would you date while going through a divorce?

I work with a guy who is divorcing. We have been friends for years. We got in an argument a month ago. He quit coming to see me. Completely ghosted me. He was coming everyday before for months. I went to apologize to him. Everything was great. Sex talk. Sweet nothings. Then he ghosts me again. After I left, he said to his coworker "why would I want to get in another relationship when I'm trying to get out of this one"? This was a guy that was going out of his way to see me. I don't know what to think. Why are you being romantic then telling our coworker this? Unfortunately his wife works here too. I'm crazy about him but I didn't say anything about getting in a relationship, so why would he say that. I think working on a friendship is first especially during this time. If he doesn't want anything, he has had a year to tell me. Did he just not want my coworker knowing he cares for me? Is he confused? I don't know what to think. If he doesn't have feelings for me, why is he ghosting (avoiding) me. He is MIA. When I'm around, he is sweet as pie. One minute he acts like he forgave me and whispers sweet nothings. Then He tells my coworker that. We are a no fault state. She can't take him to the cleaners. Me and a couple of other people really thought he had /has feelings toward me. I'm confused.

  • Does he secretly care for me?
  • Does he care for me but is afraid office gossip will get back to her?
  • Is he confused?
  • Is this really about the argument we got in a month ago?
  • Is he avoiding me because he can't control his feelings around me?
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  • Never never never get involved with anyone going through a divorce


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  • No control. He is emotionally unstable.


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