Why did my ex block me after saying he wanted to try again?

We met online , got on well. Met up an had a great time. He travelled from Worcester to see me. An took me out there for weekend away. I felt like I finally found the guy for me. He was fun , sweet an caring. Always paid an made sure i have everything I need. When we had a lot to drink one night.

He walked to McDonald's from our hotel an grabbed me food. He was a thoughtful type. Birthdays and Christmas treated me. He helped me pick out a jumper for my stepdad. We had fun outings an shopping trips. Aswell as lunch dates.

He was also a giving lover. I guess I did also miss that when we broke up. I never wanted it to end and I was devastated. He said I am gorgeous but I am too negative an he can't deal with that. I was so upset an said so I won't see you ever again an he didn't reply. I guess he thought that was best way to make me get the hint. I was so angry and disappointed.

As when he wanted out he went distant with contacting an I had bad feeling so messaged to question what's up. Then he said he didn't want to hurt me, so he was avoiding it. But either way I though that's wrong an awful as eventually I would need to know where I stand right. He said he runs when problems arrive made me think wow what a little boy he is then. He was 28 then an still acted so poorly in that situation.

He also said he knows what it's like to be hurt. An didn't want me feeling bad. Either way he did anyway.

This was 5th Jan 2014, an I have been on FB messenger an found filtered messages ones that don't come through to normal inbox an there was a message from him. From end of last year. I was bit shocked an I guess he thinks I am ignoring. I wasn't though just saw it now. It said hey how are you? ๐Ÿค”

i then texted him he said he really liked me an we can sort things out I told him be hard to trust. He said he understood. We talked for ages like old times.

This was from Sunday an then Monday we spoke a lot he's busy with uni but tonight bit distant an he texted a bit then blocked me after seeing my reply


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  • It sounds like the Past that was never really a Blast here, dear, has Grown and gotten Cold Duck Dick feet when He... Blocked me after seeing my reply.
    It was cold and a 'Bit distant' of him, to say the least, but at least now you know where you Stand with this Man.
    Move on and even if he presses a button to Unblock Tomorrow, more Sorrow.
    Good luck, You deserve Better from another finer Feather. xx

    • He's got commitment issues an he don't deserve me. He left me once an did it again so freely so it proves he never did deserve my love or me at all. The fact that he said he wanted to discuss how we ended it when it was all on his terms an his doing makes me sick almost like he wanted to shift blame as it wasn't mutual he hurt me. An he was like sorry but which isn't an apology the but means he come up with some excuse as to why. Such a lame boy not a real man yet even at Nearly 30 it's tragic. He will end up alone with his deep problems xx thanks dear

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    • Yeah for sure he's replaceable just hilarious how he acted so fake an I even said I thought he was playing games at first an he said no way etc but duh he would never admit to his poor behaviour

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • sorry for what happened.
    what does he mean by saying you're negative? can you give example?
    and why you keep in contact with someone doesn't know your value?

    • It's ok. I thought maybe we had unfinished business , he got in touch first. I know realise he didn't know what he had when he first had me , so no point trying to convince him I am worth it. After he lied about wanting to try again anyway. It was all ego boost for him. He must lead a very sad life to say that. He asked me did I find anyone since him almost like he thinks he's irreplaceable. I don't reckon he's had anyone since hence contacting me. As when you truly move on an date others even when single I never thought of him or wanted him back. He said I caused arguments an so did he though. Just lame excuses to cover up fact he's a total waste of space. He's 29 an acts like a boy still. I won't lose sleep over a fool. An he's obvs type of guy to try come in an out someone's life just for fun or to feel like they worth something. Pathetic really what's your take on him? Narcissist?

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    • Oh!
      sorry, I mix between your answer and another question.

      sometimes you should give less attention to people that will make you little bit disturb form what you became today and where you wanna be tomorrow.
      give yourself a priority to be more important than keep watching him suffer or feeling sorry for him. cuz he's done and he's not your business anymore.
      you worked hard and got what you want (happiness), cuz you start believing in yourself. and I think it's time now to allow yourself to be the bigger and close that chapter and walk away.

    • I have not made him priority at all lol we only got talking again Sunday. It's only been few days lol. An he acted like a tool saying he wanted to work it out just bs lol. How is he suffering lol he's one Bing strange an thinking he can come in an out my life like that not a chance told him he's dead to me ! If that's not a big hint to never talk to me again I don't know what is.

  • I dont think he really wanted to, seems like a childish game


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  • You told him it's hard to trust him? That was your reply? I would too. Sorry but you seem to be looking for drama. Maybe you should just move on.

    • I was gonna give another chance to him , but I did say yeah it would be hard to trust given he left me. What would stop him doing it again an thinking he can return. An he's done that left again but I have said to him he's nothing to me so bye. How am I looking for drama , anyone who knows me is aware I am not like that. He left me I dated others an got bfs then I moved on in every way. An I did not see him in my future at all. I thought maybe we was meant to be as he came back call it believing in fairytale I lost reality for a but now I see he's missed his chance an it's too late for us. I have moved on tbh , it's just I have a heart an I don't push people away even when they do me wrong but for him he's pushed me too far this time !

    • If you are being honest and have moved on, why are you spending so much time on the minutia of your relationship and questioning why he blocked you? Moving on means moving on, not continuing to question what's going on.

  • HE an ex lady! He not your anymore!