Who's right who's wrong? please help?

A fight with boyfriend. month ago. (the fight, my fault) he was so upset that, it seemed like we broke up... I usualy take a few days to cool off. but due to my stress from work. i took about 2 weeks. i didn't hear from him at all. so i went to see him to get something, but i gave him hugs and was very friendly. things seem to changed. new phone, new chapter he said. he asked if i was staying, i said i have too much to do and too stressed out. he said its prob. not appropriate for me to stay over. he text me the next moring asking how was my work.
no contact another 2 days. work better. i went to see him. things seem ok. and thought we would see ea. other the whole weekend like we used to and talk about what happened with the fight. stayed Thursday night, intimate. Friday, i said i will come back later. he seemed not as responsive. so i left him along. went to see him Saturday. he said he thougth i was going to go see him Friday. Saturday, he told me he wants to see someone whom he has been talkng to since our fight. I got really upset. He said he likes me a lot and we had lots of fun, but didn't say we should break up. I guess he was leaving it to me. I wanted to leave, but didn't.
I found out he was chatting with her all those 2 weeeks and flirting and saying wnating to be with her and would make a good team. And told her how he felt about her. but not sure of her feelings yet so he didn't want to end the relationship wiht me.
Do you think by flirting and all, he was emotioanlly cheating on me?
When should he have tell me about this? if i didn't go see him, then i was all over?


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  • Sounds like the fight was kinda the last straw. I take a long time to get angry but when I'm done, I'm done and there's no coming back. I don't see it as cheating if he started talking after the fight. He probably thought it was over or intending it to be. I don't think all hope is lost yet but it doesn't look good at this point. All you can do is try. You should have msgd him sooner. If it was important enough to you, you would have. That's my honest assessment.

    • thank you for your input... what make you think "not all hope is lost?"

      i was very stress out with my job... i finally have some time now :)..

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  • yes, he was wrong that is emotionally cheating. but you were both wrong because of bad communication on both ends. he also should have not slept with you since he was debating ending things with you...

    • u think i should have contacted him earlier to talk about the fight instead of waiting for so long?

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    • Another worse fight happened after... Sigh... And we decided it was best to end things.
      But we had contact n he still sent me detailed text telling me about his daily stuff, but he didn't ask about me.
      Why still have such detailed text?

    • honestly i dont know guys are such odd creatures like literally everything they do blows my mind lol

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