I know I'm pathetic, but I seriously need some help?

I haven't seen nor talked to her nor otherwise communicated with her in roughly four months.

And yet I still look at my phone more than once a day to see if she texted or called.

It was only yesterday that it REALLY hit me that she definitely will not contact me again. I felt the whole blow of the situation: that I've been expecting a text from her for the past four months, her being on my mind every day, and yet she has moved on and hasn't thought about me or thought about contacted me. Not only does the fact that she's moved on hurts, I also feel like a loser for wasting my time like this.

But I'm having trouble glancing at my phone without a sensation in my stomach. I've tried turning it off, but the sensation gets worst whenever I turn it back on in anticipation of her (imaginary) text.

A day after I communicated with her for the very last time, I shut off my phone for days at a time, thinking to myself: "Hah! Now if she texts me she won't get a reply because I'm forcing myself not to." Of course, that was pointless because she never texted me again anyway.

And I'm also having trouble expecting her to text me because there are several reasons for her to, i.e. stuff in the media that should remind her of me, the fact that she has a book she started reading that I gave her, stuff in my family she knew about that was going to happen, etc. But when she hasn't contacted me despite all that stuff, that's when it really sunk in yesterday.

But I'm having a really hard time fighting it.


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  • weve all been there. I had the same problem and I think of him day and night but try my best to move on. I hope I can run into him and see him and magically he will be delighted to see me and want to start over and ask me out and make me part of his life again. But I know its never gonna happen because he's such a stubborn egotistical guy he won't come after me. He's come up to me in the past to talk and see how I feel about him but in reality he plays games for ego boost and isn't serious about me, even though I was serious about him. He probably doesn't even know that because he never gave me the chance to open up to him and he didn't even get to know knowww me well enough. I don't know why I still love him, he was just so different when we first met, everything was so perfect...i don't know if I'm seeing his true shades come out or he just simply changed...but what I do know is that although itll be a miracle to see him come after me and make me his girl, I have just accepted the fact that he wont. He won't man up, he won't respect me as much, and he won't give me the feeling of security that I need, to let me know he will be there for me and love me just the way I love him.

    • That is me right now. Its terrible. I don't know if his changed or just wasn't a jerk to me because of our relationship. He just asked out my arch enemy. I hurt so bad.

    • =[

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  • First of all, you should realize, she IS thinking about you. It's not like you dropped off the side of the earth without her realizing. I broke up with my ex boyfriend almost a year ago, and when I see things that remind me of him, I stop and think for a little while.

    The thing is, she's just moving on. The best way for her to move on, is to not talk to you. I mean, I broke up with my boyfriend, and I was upset about it. She probably was too, and the best thing for you to do it just move on, its hard, I know, but it will get better, and you'll find someone else who loves you for exactly who you are.

  • Im going through that as we speak. Everytime my phone rings I rush over...everytime I go to sleep his face crowds my memory...everything I see him in class my heart breaks harder. Its hard and I know it. I want him to do something really bad to me so I can finally have a reason to start hating him like he hates me. He knows me inside and out by now, and knows how to hurt me the most. Its terrible. My advice for you is just to keep moving. Hang out with friends...leave your phone at home...take a nice long bike ride. What ever is going to keep your mind off her. Because the more you think about her, the more its going to hurt. I'm hurting real bad right now, and I expect you are too.


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  • Hmm I know what you are going through because it happened to me. It wasn't so much about expecting an imaginary text for me rather I was going to places where I knew I could bump into her and expecting to see her until finally one day I saw her which was last week and its been since December we stopped all contact. When she saw me she turned her head like she didn't know me and I'm not going to lie dude that hurt badly. After all this girl was my life. I had a test that day and my focus was so messed up because I had seen her 5 minutes before class in the train station. The realization is the hardest part but you'll get over it slowly its a process. The main part for me is done. I know, she won't contact me nor do I want to contact her anymore but I was just hoping to see her and I got what I asked for and it wasn't how I pictured it would be...


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