How can I get out of this without straining family ties?

I'm seeing this guy (our families have been super close for a very long time)

Also we grew up together from the time I was born he's a bit older and he's never been like this until we started seeing each other. Were not dating because I'm gay and he's in closest bisexual, but he gets really really mad when I bring up this one particular friend I met when schooling in VA and continuously tells me to just go be with him even if it's something simple like "my friend went to the movies yesterday saw ____ said it was great"

He gets angry if I don't wear certain things or when I do. He once told me he'd burn my superman boxers because I wore them the day we happened to have sex. He said it jokingly but it was still weird and one time I said something he didn't like and ended up biting my side so hard it bruised the next day.

Our families see each other on a weekly basis. It's basically my uncles know his uncles and our moms are practically sisters kinda close. I want to get out of this without really breaking any of the family connections, but he doesn't respond well to no.
(Please don't lecture about getting into this. I literally grew up with him and he was super nice and didn't change until after we started seeing each other. It wasn't an obvious sign because he wasn't a stranger I just met at the store)


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  • Leave him inform him you had enough of his crap tell him your family have been informed of this bull crap and that maybe if he grows up and cuts the crap you may sort things otherwise cya. Do no contact after that inform your family what your doing. Then after two months open communication back up


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  • umm... sounds like its already a secret, just leave.