Have you ever successfully gotten an ex back that you were still in love with?

Its been nearly 7 months since we broke up. We've had very limited contact since then. I text him last week for his birthday and he replied but stopped after a few messages. I'm still so in love with him and gave been trying to move on but I can't seem to. Is there any hope? (He broke up with me because he said he loved me and wanted this to work but he's head wasn't in the relationship anymore.) Also our relationship started going down wards after his sick father passes away which I think changed my ex. Any advice please?


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  • i see the problem here
    "he's head wasn't in the relationship anymore"... really? how? he had issues to deal with and you figured that because you weren't the center anymore the relationship was "going down"...
    its possible to get back with an ex... but its risky.
    its actually easier in your case.. because he broke with you... if you had broken with him... well... good luck with that.

    • Him dealing with his issues meant he spent all his time drinking and partying with his friends and barely made time to see or talk to me anymore. I'm just confused because he said he loved me and wanted to make things work but then a week later ignored me and wouldn't look at me and then broke up with me? I just really miss being with him but don't know how to start a relationship with him again because he stopped replying to me after only a couple of text messages? That was our first contact in almost 4 months

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    • I'm not having sex with him? I want to rekindle us and start a conversation and I'm asking to jump into bed with him nor be his girlfriend straight away I just want a chance to build back some sort of relationship with him

    • ... not gonna last.

  • If he has moved on with his life, and probably settled with someone, it will be difficult.

    • He isn't seeing anyone I don't think (we have mutual friends)

    • Ok the choice is his to return or not. But you must show him how changed you are from someone he used to know.

    • How can I. do that?

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