Guys: I am SO Bummed that I got rejected. Can someone give me some words of comfort or shed some light on my situation?

I met this guy from Match. We went on about 2 dates last month. I have slept with him on the 3rd date and he even made us exclusive until I broke it off because he was just so flakey and I had trust issues.

After bailing on me for the 3rd time, I dropped him and I tried moving on. After one week, he came back apologizing telling me that he can prove to me that he could be a good boyfriend. I let him in yesterday only for him to disappoint me AGAIN when he rescheduled our date to this Sunday.

I've just had it, I expressed my feelings today that I am done and he said "I am truly sorry for everything and upsetting you. I won't bother you again. I wish you all the best"

I am so pissed and hurt. Why? Why lead me on, am I not good enough? I would think he is a good guy since he is a therapist but NO!


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  • People that do that kind of stuff has nothing to do with you. He has problems and he'd do the same to anyone else he's with, regardless how he feels. It hurts and I know how that feels. I feel bad for you but keep in mind, you'll be better off and more happy without him. Now you're free to look for a better guy. Look for nice guys, they don't do this. It's going to be just fine and time will heal you. When you find an amazing guy, the pain will all be worth it and you'll be so happy that it didn't work with this guy. I know that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt now but there's hope. Hold out for a great, nice guy that you'll be more in love with and he you. Try to relax the best you can and you'll be ok sweetly, I promise.

    • Thank you for this. I am 24 now and I wish I had a boyfriend just like those girls i see who seem to a be in a really happy relationship

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    • Why would I call him after all those bails. You think he will come back though?

    • I don't know, it's up to you. I think he would come back.

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  • Lol a lot of guys who are therapists know how to charm but it doesn't necessarily mean they're good guys (speaking from experience here), just look at Hannibal Lecter!
    He's probably acted that way because it's the way he's always been with women. He won't change or treat you any differently. Trust me, it's nothing to do with you personally. It is his issues, just because of his career doesn't mean he won't have his own issues to deal with too.
    Move on and find a stable guy who won't stand you up. A guy who makes you the priority.

    • Someone actually said this to me too! That therapist are the ones that have issues

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  • Did he have a good reason for rescheduling. Personally, I don't plan dates unless I am absolutely certain that I can make it. If something not-so-urgent comes up, the date takes priority.

    • to be honest at that point, I don't think it matters what his excuse is anymore.

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    • His third excuse was he has a killer headache. I said Goodbye nice knowing you.

      Came back and apologized and planned something only to bail 2 hours later and tells me "can we just do Sunday, I am coming from work and I think it's more fun if it's not after work since I will have more energy."

      Um nope... Excuses, excuses

    • Oh wait... I remember now. You posted something about this guy a few days ago. Just leave the guy, he doesn't seem to place any importance on the relationship (if you could even call it that). You deserve a lot better, and will eventually find exactly that.

  • ah.. YOU dumped HIM.. twice... and you sat he's leading you on?


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