Letting my friend play matchmaker! Good or bad idea?!

1) Should I let her set me up with a guy?

2) Should I tell her my type (don't even know my type really) ...maybe preference on a guy?

3) Was that a bad idea?

Alright, b4 some of you answer rudely. Saying I am 'desperate' get one thing straight... I have tried meeting guys, but it's the same thing over and over again. They either want to be just 'friends', 'friends with benefits', or 'one night stands/sex'.
I am getting really tired of meeting guys like that, I am actually looking for a boyfriend. I don't really know my type of guy, but hope 2 figure out soon.


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  • Its fun to play with other peoples lives so why not her play with yours what could possibly go wrong...

    Its a great idea if it doesn't work out you can lame her and constantly bring it up she will never hear the end of it...

    win win can't lose


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  • I don't know about you, but it all depends. I like to meet my own people, but so long as your friend isn't playing matchmaker for 'fun', and is genuinely doing it to help you out, then why not? :)

  • I don't see how anything bad could come from it so why not?


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