Is it really my fault my exs new relationship didn't work out?

So me and my ex broke up about a month ago and he started talking to another girl the same week he ended things with me. At first it was tough but I gradually started to get over it and started talking to someone new, during this time me and my ex remained "friends" but he had a hard time accepting the boundaries I set for us being friends such as I personal space issue with him and how he couldn't touch me and stuff which is how I treat my actually friends he started saying I was acting different and stuff because he was different from any other friend I have and should be treated as such but I kept telling him circumstances have changed and we can be friends and talk to each other and stuff but things are different. He asked me if I talked to someone else and I told him yes then he just kept asking if it was someone at our school or from back home and I kept telling him it's none of his business who it is then he was like "but I thought you wanted to be with me" and I told him times are different now. He went up to a guy that I had met a day ago I literally met him a day ago and we just said hi to each other and he was asking the guy if he was I trested in me and he said yes and he told him not to be interested in me because I was his girl after which he called me like 5 times in a row and when I finally called him back he told me this and was like "I don't like people being interested in you" ultimately the conversation ended In a big argument of me telling him to respect his new girl (which he refuses to claim as his girl to me) and leave me alone then him saying I'm taking it the wrong way and he was always ok with us not being friends and so I said ok stop coming up to me stop talking to me. He's been incredible disrespectful in the way he talks to me in public when I'm not acting how he wants the next day my cousin went up to him after he gets about what happens and asked him politely to leave me alone he flipped out and tried to fight him

he went and told the new girl that he talks to and she came trying to defend him and trying to fight me. I told her several times what happened and that I don't want to fight her, she hits me first and I defend myself which ultimately resulted in her losing the fight and being super pissed at him. A week later he sends me a long message saying I hope your happy me and her a done and it your fault I never imagined you'd be this person I never got involved in your new relationship you win as usual
Basically trying to make me feel bad. But I don't feel bad and I feel he's just being manipulative and trying to make me feel bad because he can't control a situation. I never told his new "girl" that me and him were messing around in fact I said the opposite he's being annoying I don't want him and he won't leave me alone and she choose not to believe me now it's my fault?


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  • No, it's absolutely not your fault.
    Your ex obviously can't let you go, and it makes him angry to see u move on and do better. Being friends with ur ex is close to impossible, because there are always going to be lingering feelings. I think he got with his new girl to spite you and ot backfired because you didn't take the bait.
    Im glad that you tried to handle it as civil as you could, (plus its cool that u won that fight ;) ) I really think that ur ex should move on and stop trying to sabotage ur life.
    Tell him "if you ever loved me, you would let me go and let me be happy"
    If he still keeps bugging you, that's harassment, and that is grounds for getting a restraining order. Hopefully it won't come to that, and he will get the idea and beat it.
    I wish u good luck on your future relationships
    Hope this helped :)

    • Thank you! I just needed some reassurance because I feel like I've tried to be civil about the whole thing but I constantly feel manipulated by him and even though I still care for him I don't want him back I mean he ended things with me for crying out loud. I'm trying to move on and talk to other guys not seriously because we're about to go on summer break but I constantly felt like I was holding back because of him. Mean while he can do what he wants but I can't. And as much as it kills me I had to tell him to stop contacting me stop talking to me so now when I see him I pretend like he doesn't even exsist to me I really wanted to remain cool but he always tries to flip things in me it's gotten to the point where I'm starting to resent him and that's not good. So I appreciate your help! Sorry for ranting lol

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