Antidepressant advice?

I'm not completely over an ex from a year ago, it's because I see him everyday. We broke off all communication and are to have neither a friendship nor relationship ever. He was my first love. I really care deeply about my boyfriend. He's 10 times better, and he's actually my first boyfriend, the other guy wasn't a boyfriend at all, I just got too emotionally attached when we were friends.

I have a counselor I see every week. I also am going on an Antidepressant called Lexapro. It's said to increase focus levels, tone anxiety from level 10 down to level 4, and minimize depression rarely. I think about the ex a lot more then I want to. Trying to get him out of my head is hard while he's still around, but I'll never see him again in two months. I've had good and bad days with this. I've managed crying from the ex down to once a week or so once every week and a half. I'm working on trying to allow things to work out with my boyfriend, because he's truly caring, and truly right for me. I care about him deeply. I've just never had a real relationship before. The Lexapro will tone everything down, and allow me to focus on other things easier, I also will never see the ex again. I just need help getting through this. Tips...? Please help me...


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  • I don't really like the idea of medication just because it tones down things... tones down things that might be important. And so I never really got into the idea of taking something to hide your emotions.

    Be wary of medications. But also, you need to focus on yourself and what's most important to you. You may not be able to get this ex out of your head but ultimately, that's your problem, not his. I hope everything works out!


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