It's been 5 months already, I need to get over my first boyfriend?

I feel betrayed by him because after we broke up. He started to hang out with a girl who was pursuing him during our relationship. His friends say he was "rebounding" with her. This was from nov 2015 (when we broke up) until Feb 2015. He made out with her on their first date in his car and then something happened that made them not continue anymore. Then i posted pics with a guy friend. Guess he assumed he was my boyfriend or something. After sometime he entered a relationship a day after he said that was the last thing he wanted with a girl who has had a crush on him for 3 years, who he told me he had no feelings for which made it awkward. Apparently to everyone, he is trying to one up me. My friend is in his friend group so he knows that she tells me everything that goes on. She follows him on snap chat as well so he is posting snaps. I need to stop letting what he does affect me but how. I want to move on but my heart doesn't let me. i am holding on to anger etc


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  • First of all stop keeping tabs on him. You're NEVER going to move on if you keep having your friend spy on him.

    • You are so right! The thing is that sometimes she involuntarily tells me stuff. And she says that if i am healing it shouldn't bother me... Any other tips?

    • Just try and focus on your life do well at school/work and just try and improve yourself. Just keep yourself busy. If you're the type of girl who's always been about relationships and not hook ups then do not just jump in bed with another guy. So many girls do that wanting to feel loved and they end up regretting it and then they feel shame for throwing their values away for a long time and only feel worse because it was casual so instead of feeling cared for they just feel like they were used and then thrown in the trash.

    • Thank God I didn't jump into bed with him... I focus on school but there are times when he just pops into my mind. What mentality or what should i tell myself. I mean he was a douche and it's his loss because he emotionally cheated then hooked up with girl, then jumped into relationship with another girl from past who he didn't like.

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  • You might need a bit more time to get over your first love. It took me about 5-8 months to get over my ex. It hurt at first but in the end it was totally worth it. If you have him on any type of social media block him so you won't be anxious to look at his page or feed. If you have his number block it so you aren't tempted to call him at all. All these things really helped me a lot to get over my ex. If his friends want to rebound her that is up to them. You just focus on yourself and find things that make you happy. Act like he doesn't exist that helped me a lot as well. Keep yourself busy, go out with friends, spoil yourself, find a hobby that you have been wanting to try and stick to it. I know its hard to forget a first love trust me I've been there. But in the end you will feel so much better you won't even remember his number. Best of luck.

    • You see the thing is that I did end up deleting him from all of social media etc, but he continued to follow me on Instagram and keep tabs on me. And up to this day even has pictures of me. But then something happened that I ended up deleting him off my list (blocking him and unblocking him). But his mom and sister still follow me and have me as a friend. Regardless, I have a mutual friend in his friend group and he knows that. He uses it to his advantage knowing she will tell me stuff. And yes it is hard especially if it is your first love. Even though after our breakup, he did stuff that made me feel betrayed. Sadly, I will have to see him at some events perhaps my friend and his graduation. School events that i am invited to as an alumni.

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    • It was at first, very hard but I've healed and I've moved on and so has he. I broke up with him because I felt like I was just dragging him around. Plus we had nothing in common and we argued way to much. The way I stopped caring was going about my life and business. I have other big things on my plate instead of worrying about who my ex is dating etc etc. It just takes time but I hope you get over him someday. Yes I know its hard I've been there done that. But once you get over them and you can't even remember there name it feels so good.

    • I really hope and pray I do because sometimes people don't deserve you and everything you've done for them