Is this a good sign or? I just want to understand if my ex think about me or not, or lets say I'd like to know if she has any feelings towards me?

Yesterday I was having and diplomation over my university.
I saw her at the end, she said congratulations to me... while her mom was at the back.
I asked her if she want to make a picture with me, she agreed and her mom make a picture of us.
This was the last thing which we said to each other and I runned away.
By the time I saw that her eyes we're moving a little bit to me and I also looked at her at some point.
I don't know she hates me or not wanting to talk to me anymore, but I'do now that I really love her so much...

For know I don't know what to do and proceed, perhaps I need to wait and see...


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  • It's a good sign. I've been responding to your previous questions, so based on what I've read, that's a definite improvement from "go away, I don't want to see you again."

    But don't get too excited. This just means that she's neutral about you, which is a place to start.
    So, what I recommend is to leave her be for a couple days and then reach out to her. You could say, " Thank you for being there for my diplomation. I appreciate it."

    You can ask me about anything else if you like.
    Good Luck! :)

    • Thanks for the support!
      Well she come to the diplomation because she also get graduated.
      We've been studying together in same specialty over the university.
      So both of us we're having diplomation same day, not she just come because of me, but because of her :)

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  • Why do you think that she hates you?
    Seems more like she is neutral towards u but I don't know those are too less information

    • I may give more info, past year she went trought abortion (twins) and her sister started to speak against me by each day till now.

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    • I was saying that she told me these things.
      She wrote those things towards me.

    • Oh hm sounds difficult. I'm sorry but I don't have a better advice

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