Cheated on my significant other?

So, I'm married and have cheated on him with my guy co worker - we are both attracted to each other, so we did have sex, but it was not what I intended it to be.. Guess I was feeling him more physically than he was. At times we just bump into each other and its awkward but we try to keep it cool. Same as the emails.

I don't expect anything from him, and I don't regret it , because I wanted to. Is he just talking to me -- JUST BECAUSE.


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  • First of all, tell your husband. Chances are he's going to find out one way or another and it will look better coming from you.

    Second, the co-worker is either bored of you or feels guilty about what happened. Either way he doesn't really want anything further from you and is just being polite.


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  • Probably wants more.

  • Just becasue you did him or you want to do him some more...maybe he want more too.


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