Did I made a right decision?

Ummm... So my boyfriend for 3 years was ignoring me ( I felt that he was ignoring me). Whenever we made plans to meet at the last moment he always cancelled it and then whenever I made plans with my friend he would say that he is also coming. Whenever I refused he would throw a tantrum, saying that I am not giving him time. His words always hurt me and he only talked sweetly to me when he felt like it, otherwise even if I am telling him something important.
I said I wanted a career and that he should pay attention too but he would ignore me, whenever I said he is ignoring me he would say that he is introvert so it's in his nature.

I got frustrated when one day he once again said he could not meet me, I said we should break up (It was going in my mind for months). He got angry and said I am being unreasonable and that I should rethink it as he thinks that I would be the one regretting it.

I do regret breaking up with him and he is messaging and calling me saying that he loves me and would change his ways... what should I do? Should I accept him?

I was in constant fear that he was cheating me, I don't know what to do anymore.


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  • Hmm. You have taken his spoon from his breakfast he no longer had control of the situation which is good. Cheating is one of those things if it's not proven then forget it. But if he had then look at it this way he has still come back to you not them but you lol. Give him a little longer just to test whether he feels threatened not by loosing you but by you rejecting him. Make him fight a little.

    • Thanks you so much for your opinion.

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  • he doesn't seem like someone who is an asset in your life, but a burden. It really sounds like he is very flaky and treats you in whatever way he feels like at any given moment.

    Taking him back will not change anything in his behavior. He might change the first weeks or for a couple of months, but I doubt that he has learned his lesson.

    A good and healthy relationship is not supposed to be so hard and back and forth. You would not have this constant fear of him cheating or that he is not being honest and invested in the relationship.

    I recommend that you move on. Be with someone who appreciates you and respects you.

    • Thank you very much for your opinion.

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  • He needs to learn from his mistakes therefore remain broken up from him. He may be better for somebody else but he cannot be better for you because if you get back together he will not have learned anything and will revert to his old ways.

    • Thank you for your opinion sir.

  • You've already made decision. Deal with it.

    • I am dealing with it but I am confused that is why I asked no need to be rude.

    • I'm not rude. I'm encouraging you to be proud of your decision. Find feel guilt.

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