I need help with my ex girlfriend What is she doing?

My Girlfriend broke up with me a month and week ago. It was really over "too may arguments" stupid ones.. And there hasn't been any contact either. I tried contacting her 2 times within the month asking if we can talk in person... No answers.. She blocked me on all Social Media... She did it so sudden I don't understand... Anyways 2 weeks she broke up with me I see now on my snapchat under added me I see her name and beside it says -Added You Back- so she simply unblocked me? Why would that be? also I found weird why her ex would follow her back 3 days after she broke up with me and then a day later she follows him back. I recently just saw today she liked a photo of his he posted last night for the 1st time she hasn't liked any of his toner photos since we broke up. Did she leave me for her ex or something? Because the way she broke up with me was uncalled for. "Lost feelings for me" can't get over our last argument" I can't look at you the same anymore. No negotiations? She was over for my moms b day the night before she broke up with me. I can tell she was off but she said she was exausted... I don't get it... I just want her back... This isn't her I don't know what triggered it. I know she was depressed and was pressured wkth her school work as well. She still hasn't returned my hoodie and 3 t shirts and I want my jewelry back she agreed to leave on porch tne next day of the break up and she never followed through well she never followed up with me... I need help... I know maybe k was clingy towards her but I didn't mean it that way she knew that I loved her more than anything... When she broke up with me I called her dad because I was close with him too I told him that your daughter decided to break up with me and I still love her but wanted to let you know. He respected me a lot by doing that. My ex called me yelling said I crossed the line then called me all these names saying I hate you, I never want to see you again, I hate you... 😞


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  • So first of all how long was she with you for? And how long did she get with you after her ex bf?

    • We were together for 4.5 months. But we were very close, went to all the family events, Christmas etc... And she came to my family events as well. And we were going out for about a month before it was officiall. She was with her ex for 3 years off and on mostly off she told me. He was am asshole and didn't treat her right she told me.. It was about 5-6 months after he broke up with her till me

    • Ok buddy I feel you. It is still possible to be a rebound. And what I mean by that isn't that she doesn't value you its abouts when she was with you she didn't feel pain she was happy because she was with you but the issue is with girls and rebounds is the pain always comes back to haunt them so that doesn't mean she will run back to her ex but it means her heads all over the place it's not you as a person it's down to her. You clearly just met her at the wrong time. That's why I would wait Atlesst 6 months before I get into another relationship as that's enough time to get your self toegether. It's mainly women who get them selves into these situations as most women think mainly with there emotions but as we all know emotions change very quickly especially with girls were as guys do think emotionally but also very logical I. e I'd be stupid to cheat seeing as I bough her a car or something like that. My honest opinion stay well clear find a women to be a friend as well as a girlfriend

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  • " Did she leave me for her ex or something?" Yes.

    "No negotiations?" She wants her ex, so why would she "negotiate" with you?

    "This isn't her" Unless aliens have taken over her body. . . yes, it is her.

    " I know maybe k was clingy towards her but I didn't mean it that way." It doesn't matter what you meant. This is not first grade. You don't get graded for Effort and Citizenship.

    She doesn't want you. You are very clingy and desperate if you want someone who clearly does not want you. Grow some testicles, get some self-respect, and stop acting like you'll die if you don't have a woman in your life. If you don't get beyond that neediness, you will poison every relationship you ever have.

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