Why Do (Some) Men Confess To Cheating?

Long story short... He was dating a girl, started talking to me again (not cheating), left her for me and we were engaged. We are eachothers first loves. She got kicked out of her apartment and was homeless, contacted him and he let her sleep over. They kissed, He immediately told me about it the next day, was extremely sorry and guilty. Everything was going great, I knew he had feeling for her but he said he didn't love her, that he lovd me. Do I forgive him? Would you marry some who had feelings for another? He is willing to do whatever I ask to fix things even if in the end I still decide its over. He called her infront of me telling her not to comtact him and that he is marrying me. I know the decision is mine but I need advice.
Why Do (Some) Men Confess To Cheating?
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