Meeting up with ex tomorrow? help

We haven't seen each other since the break up over 2 months ago. I sent him a message say we should make plans to meet up. It's safe to say we are both over this. If you don't want to meet up give my things to our mutual friend. But he said no let's meet up. Three weeks ago we had a big fight and he said for me not to contact him again and that he was giving my stuff to our friend. So I backed off and he never gave her my stuff. Am I reading into this why does he want to meet up now.


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  • Theres only 2 reason tht I know of why a guy would do that. 1) Is that he has a new girlfriend and wants to pretty much show you that he moved on and has a girlfriend already. 2) He wants to show you how he has changed for the better and wants to show you what you are missing out on. Sort of like jealousy. However it does not sound like the both of you are over each other though.

  • who knows maybe chat maybe hook up maybe get back together...


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