Starting to miss my ex?

It's driving me insane. She wasn't good for me. She blamed me for everything that went wrong in the relationship, caused me to lose friends, manipulated me and lied.
But, I still find myself missing her. We dated for 4 years, and I finally had enough and ended things. Although I'm not, he thinks I'm dating someone else - heard from one of her friends, long story...
Part of me wants to get in touch with her, but I know she'll just shoot me down or throw some jabs at me.

Any advice? Convince me not to!
+1 y
Forgot to add, part of the reason why I miss her is because I just miss having someone to talk throughout the day, spend time with, do random little things with - I actually enjoyed going shopping with her.
Part of me feels like I won't find someone for a long time.
Starting to miss my ex?
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