Why do I only attract artist girls or really Immture girls?

Ok first let me say I only ever had 2 gfs in my 24 years of being alive but my first first girl am not counting because it was a friends with benefits thing. OK so my very first ex girlfriend was a artist and controlled by her parents. I mean I was never allowed outside with her for a walk or even on dates with her unless her sister took us out the same age as me.. in fact her parents forced us to break up last year Aug 25. She did cry for a month and half but ended up just blaming me for everything that happened... but never once tried standing up to her parents in fact our whole relationship all I would hear 90% of the time is I gotta respected their rules which were crazy. ok so girlfriend number 2. She was deaf in she... just a bitch and I mean a bitch. but just like my ex girlfriend she let's her parents control her life she not allowed outside after 6pm.. in fact we got in trouble once because I got her home by 7:15 once this was on our very first date. Girl number 3 I refused to date because she was super pushy she's also a artist and is controlled by her parents as will. Even through am new too the dating world is this normal? I belive in giving everyone a chance and I was joining the marInes so I didn't wanna date.. I ended up giving up the dream for my ex girlfriend. She did wnot me going would cry in fact and this was the first time I ever feared losing anything in my life.. I truly loved my first girlfriend. Anyway my life has improve a lot since them am working 2 jobs and very close to owning a car.


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  • Guess it's sorta like you are what you eat

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