Should I Tell Her The Truth Or What?

Okay, so I am gonna use different names than the real people..So my buddy Julie has a boyfriend named John. She cheated on him with another guy named Erick who I happen to know pretty well. They had sex a couple of times and he couldn't continue it because he knew it was wrong for them to be doing that. Erick told Julie that she should break up with her boyfriend (John) if she still wanted to keep seeing Erick. She said she couldn't do that so Erick called it quits. They are both in my math class and I sit next to Julie and Erick sits like 4 people down our row. So every single day she does any little thing to get his attention and I can tell Erick gets annoyed. Erick also has my elective class so I asked him if he does get annoyed and he said he does. I guess Julie doesn't seem to get it that Erick doesn't want anything to do with her anymore. So what do I do, tell her that he doesn't like her anymore or just not say anything @ all. I get annoyed too because she NEVER lets me do my work because she's always blabbing about him and in my head I'm like (SHUT UP ALREADY! HE'S OVER YOU!) So if you guys say I should tell her the truth, How should I tell her? I don't want her to get mad @ me because she keeps a sh*tlist and I don't want to be in it. I know, PSYCHO!


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  • Julie's a cheating slut.

    Erick done a smart thing by stopping their sex..

  • Decison be honest and unpset psycho girlfriend or lie and protect her feelings avoid list and sit back and watch the soap opera you know how it ends, its like a accident waiting to happen, let it or you never now people change their minds and do unpredictable things, then you look like you got egg on your face. What if they do get together, hmmmm


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