What do I do to get him back? I messed up bad!

OK so a couple of days ago I was talking to my (ex)boyfriend on the phone and I hear my neighbor outside so I went to the window and started talking to her ...well lipping? I guess she was screaming and our windows are really thin...He thought my neighbor was at my house I continuously tried to convince him that she wasn't so eventually when he didn't believe me I got my mom to tell him that my neighbor wasn't over...He got mad for "putting him on full blast". He avoided me all the next day until one time he answered but he didn't know...I heard a girl talking and laughing in the back...but was to hurt to realize the crying baby (his nephew)...I proceeded to the biggest mistake of my life and broke up with him because I figured that he cheated on me...later I found out he didn't cheat on me by then it was too late to fix it...I have apologized and he still says he loves me and call s me baby occasionally so I feel like there's still hope how can I be sure that I can get him back?


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  • tell him you wanna get back togeather


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