My Fiance and I broke up. I still love her and want her back. Is there any chance she will trust me again and take me back?

Recently I posted a question about My Fiance and our three kids. For the last month and half I have done nothing but apologize for what I have done. I kissed another women at a bar and my fiance witnessed it. I have moved out of our home and am currently making every effort to show her that I can change and be a better man. I currenly go to therapy and attend AA meetings trying to figure out why I did what I did and to be sure it will never happen again if she is ever willing to forgive me and take me back. I know this will take time and Im willing to wait an eternity to have her back in my arms and be home with my kids.

Recently we have begun to communicate in a friendly manner. We have been together for six years and she agrees that she and I are best friends but she can't trust me anymore, and I can completly understand that. She has told me she has decided to date to see if she can find a partner is better rounded then me. I have told her I love her and want to be with her again and that I can be friendly but my true intention is to show her I can be the man that she can trust and love again.

My question is she we have history and I know she still loves me I have hurt her deeper then she has ever been hurt before. Last night she sent me an email. It was long and venting about her day with kids. It ended like this...

"[Do not take this email the wrong way…I almost decided not to push send…this is a friendly email…you are my friend and involved with the kids and therefore you are obligated to hear this venting and be supportive ;)> (that is a little pointy tongue sticking out at you…in a funny and FRIENDLY way ;-:>…there it is again…still friendly and not romantic in any way ;’’>—that one is winking so hard it has cheek wrinkles…which is appropriate since jag thinks I am ancient and belong in a museum somewhere.]"

Does that sound like she still loves me or am reading into it and she truly only wants to be friends?
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I spoke with her tonight. We had a good conversation. We just talked like friends not about our relationship at all. I did tell her i missed her and the kids. I asked if she missed me and she said yes and no. It made me feel good, like she may still love me. I know I have a lot to still work on but I hope it is a start. I love her and my kids with the deapst parts of my heart and can't imagine my future with her and them as my family. Im trying not to get my hopes up but I believe in love.
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Tonight I screwed up. I asked her if she could see any chance of us back together again. She said I don't want to ay yes and now that we are talking about us again I picture you kissing that women. I wish I had the strenghth to get over her and move on, but I love her and my kids so much.
My Fiance and I broke up. I still love her and want her back. Is there any chance she will trust me again and take me back?
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