What's a good way to do this?

so I texted a guy to ask if he wants to hang out this week... he said "Sure, when?" I asked when he was free and he said this Friday, so I said, let's hang out... but he didn't reply back... is that a no?

is there a cute/casual way to ask again to see if he'd like to hang out?


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  • He already said sure.

    How much time has elapsed since you said Friday?

    He could be busy, his phone could have died, or there are many more possibly reasons as to why he hasn't responded back yet.

    Don't ask him out again. That's overkill. You already asked. He already accepted. Now you're just nailing down the particulars.


    • Possible* reasons

    • Well I asked since Monday morning... so it has been almost 3 days... but Friday is coming up... I mean Do I wait till Thursday night or Friday morning to plan? isn't that too last minute?

      PS. He did asked me to hang out prior but I had work and stuff...

    • Oh, since it's been a few days you can definitely text him to see what's up.

      Just text him now and say-So are we still on for Friday? And see what he says. Then go from there, like make specific plans on where and what time on Friday.

      He's definitely not trying to blow you off since you said he asked you out before.

      Good luck.

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  • He probably just missed your text


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  • Just start another normal texting conversation with him and then when you have to go, end it with something like, so see you on Friday? And if he confirms, then you know your answer!

    • Can I just say "still wanna hang out this friday?" and get to the point?

    • Sure, well you can say whatever you want of course. I'm just suggesting!

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