Please help me, I need to get over her?

We're in high school. We were friends and neither of us had any dating experience. She asked me out, and I wasn't really interested in dating but I gave her a chance. We talked for a long time, didn't do much dating or kissing at all (likely barely). I know 100% she wanted me, but I was too scared to act. I know I was stressing her out because I hadn't been in a relationship before, so I was worried I was messing up. When I became interested in a relationship with her, she became uninterested and ended it to stay friends. I realized I had spent most of my time during the relationship trying to convince myself to like her and daydreaming about what I could've done instead of doing it, even though she adored me. She's okay with staying friends because we never did much, but I'm emotionally attached because of my stupid brain. I asked her for another chance yesterday, she said we make better friends. So now I know I'll never ever hold her again. Sounds like bs, but she is almost perfect. She is so smart, extremely beautiful, always nice no matter what, cuddly, one guy kinda girl, and independent. The only thing I want to do is hold her hand, but I know I can't. I keep holding on to hope for the future, but I know it won't happen. I don't want to ruin our friendship we have going now. I've become emotional support for her and we're pretty close friends. Don't just say "you'll meet other girls that are way better" because I know I will, but that's not the advice that's gonna help now. Because right now I'm convinced that she is perfect for me, but I guess I'm not for her. Especially now that she has gotten more deep into conversation with me and I've discovered we have a lot more in common than I thought before. Now I'm just ranting, that's how bad it is. I've already improved my grades, done stuff that I did before dating her, lost about 30 pounds by working out. They say all this stuff helps, but I still can't get her off my mind, please for the love of god help me.
Please help me, I need to get over her?
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