A new guy He says likes me what to do?

I know a guy for a year. but only friend zone.
recently.. we hang out. We dated and we held hands. He said he is attracted to me.
2 days ago we had an argument. but he said sorry...
he does many nice things. Like today he took a day off from work to take me to the clinic.
and we went for breakfast. he told me been 2 years didn't date. and that he is into me. and took pics together..
I kinda like him. But am confussed...
He knows i was hurt a month ago. And that i ended the relation myself. and he asked me if we contact.. and he check my facebook and little jelous.. advise pls?


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  • He seems like a nice guy, you need to give yourself a chance before you give it to him! You've been hurt, now you deserve to be happy! Take it slow and easy, enjoy the moment, at the same time be carful so you don't get hurt again, go for it girl!

    • So far he is yes.. and i like his company a lot..
      i give it a chance. And being careful as u said..
      he said also his mother noticed there is someone in his life and he told her yes :D i was really shy... xD
      but u right i deserve to be happy... ^^

      Last thing he said he will call after dinner.. and nothing... 2 hours ago..
      but my personality isn't that girl whos run after a man and needy
      so i wait? :D

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    • thanks buddy :)

    • You're welcome, good luck with your life!

  • Well, if you like him then you can take it forward and see what happens.


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  • No don't do it.

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